Create a better travel

mode for city life

Lincoln Elevator Research Center focuses upon the global building traffic requirements. It is engaged in developing new and outstanding elevator technology research and development capabilities. It constructs and perfects the innovative platform. It pays due contribution for a finer urban vertical and mobile life.

Innovative Research & Development Team

It gathers together vast professional elevator technical talents. We make joint efforts to prosper Lincoln Elevator.
There is no bound for innovative Lincoln Elevator dynamics.

Innovative & Profound Lincoln Culture

It accumulates over 10 years’ of elevator technology R & D.


Modern R & D Concept

It leads the technological development by market guidance.


Professional Talent Teams

Let’s cooperate with each other to speed up new technological development.


Solid Equipment Foundation

It owns the advanced global research and development test instruments.


Scientific & Intellectual Management

Lincoln scientific management mode combines with intellectual management technology. It fulfils intellectual, scientific and effective research and development management.

Enterprise-level intellectual management system

Intellectual technology boosts the effective management

Scientific operation standard

Scientific management standardizes the operation progress.